How to lock word document with password?

Microsoft Word is a word processor application developed by Microsoft. Whether you are a common computer user or a business executive, you make use of this application to write documents, letters, articles, essays, synopsis, thesis, project descriptions, research etc. The main benefit of using this application is that it offers many features such as inserting charts, bar graphs, pictures, tables, symbols, hyperlinks, symbols and many others. So now you must have come to know how important a Word file is; however just imagine a situation where your crucial gets misused by a third party user, what do you wish to do in such situation? Will you simply delete your file (or) stop using the document itself?

This article is for all those users who wish to protect their Word file from spying eyes and makes sure the contents from your Word document is safe and secure. Now you must be wondering how to do that, the answer is simple with the help of powerful and reliable third party file protector software like Remo MORE.

What is the need of assigning password to Word Files?

Assigning password to Word files becomes very essential because as mentioned before your Word document may contain some crucial information’s which you don’t want anyone to find out (or) you may feel that the Word file stored on your computer, mobile phone, USB drives are not fully safe and secured. Hence locking Word file with password will help you overcome all these issues.

About the product:

Remo MORE is an all in one utility which you can be used to lock Word files with password. It is a wonderful utility to assign password protection to single or multiple Word files stored on your Windows, Mac and Android OS based devices. After locking Word files using this application, you can ensure that none of your important Word files can be accessed by anyone except you. In addition to this the tool is available for free using which you simply assign password to not only your Word, but also to other files such as video clips, bookmarks, photos etc.

Advanced features of the software:

  • One click solution to lock Word files with password
  • Provides 24/7 technical assistance
  • The program is completely free from deadly viruses/malwares
  • Is compatible to run on all major computer and mobile operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android


  • Make your vital Word files as “Read Only” to avoid unwanted modifications
  • Never terminate your Word application while editing your important Word documents
  • Make use of anti-virus application to delete macro viruses causing Word file corruption

Learn how to lock Word file with Password:

Step1: Download Remo MORE app on your system or any other storage drive and install it. Launch the software and select “Manage” option form the main window. From the second screen select “File Manager” option.

How to lock Word file with Password - Select File Manager

Step2: Choose “File Protector” option from the third screen.

How to lock Word file with Password - Select File Protector

Step3: Select “File/Folder Locker” option from the fourth screen to password protect your Word files.

Locking Word file with Password - Select File/Folder Locker

Step4:Now the software will ask you to set the master password to lock the Word files. After setting password, add the files which you want to lock and click on “Lock” button.

Password Protect a Word file  - Select Lock Button