Software to Repair MS Word File

MS Word is an excellent and famous word processing tool that has been introduced by Microsoft Corporation. The tool is a part of Microsoft Office Suite similar to other apps such as MS Excel and PowerPoint. Word app helps in creating documents and allows user to maintain the written information on your computer safely. For most of the personal to professional works we require Word documents such as business letters, term papers, novels, invitations, resumes etc. MS Word is accepted as a standard for creating professional documents due to its advance features. MS Word has many important features like you can easily make any document and easily edit/save/delete or move any content from your document at any point of time. It rectifies your text error by performing the spelling check and correcting it automatically. You can add pictures or relevant graphical items to your document by importing it from outside from Clip Art Gallery option. It also provides the facility of mail-merge. Word documents hold most of the corporate information. In such case losing the information due to corruption of Word Docx is something that we never even imagine. So in this situation you need to repair damaged Word document.

Factors responsible for corruption in Microsoft Word file:

Header Corruption: Header is the most vital part of the file as it gives out all essential details about particular file. Corruption of header makes your file inaccessible and unusable. Generally corruption of header takes place when the system shuts down abnormally when you are working with the document. Similarly, usage of corrupted or pirated versions of third party header editor software to manipulate the header information damages it leaving the file in inaccessible state.

Round Tripping: This is also major reason for corruption. It is nothing but the changing the file format very consequently. We change file format from one to some different format and again changing to the previous format. If we do repeating this process the file can be corrupt.

Improper download: The Word file might not get download properly. If some of the header information on the Word file is corrupted due to that the file won't open and you will lose Word file.

Abrupt system shutdown: The Word file might get corrupted when the application is closed improperly. This will happen when the system shuts down abruptly. You may exit the Word file by closing it abruptly. In such situation, the Word file might refuse to open and you will lose the access to the data in it.

If any of these scenarios faces, then you may need to repair the file immediately as it may have gone corrupt.

Word file repair utility is supported all available versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows 7, Win Vista, Windows 8, XP and Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

This software will repair damaged Word 2003 file and documents that are created on MS Word 2013, 2000 and 2010 versions can also be repaired successfully under any circumstances.

This is an advanced tool exclusively designed to help the user to repair corrupt documents in few moments. It keeps the original format intact of the corrupt file and recovers the data.

The repair tool comprises of several different and amazing feature set making it apt to recover the corrupt data contained in the file. The software scans selected files and repairs them in a couple of moments. When the repair process is completed, a link is shown where the repaired files are stored.

Note: This is a versatile tool by making use of which you can efficiently fix Word 2007 template. This link can guide you more on how it works:

Precautions to be followed to avoid corruption in Word file:

  • Close the Microsoft Word program properly before shutting down the computer so that it will not affect your open document in any way.
  • If the Word file gets corrupt, do not use it further because it might cause more damage to your important doc file.
  • Make use of an antivirus program to protect your computer from infection of viruses.


Following are the steps of repairing Microsoft Word file:

Step 1: Install the software on your PC, once free demo edition is been downloaded. By just clicking the desktop icon open the app. You will see the main window popping on your screen once you run it.

>Fixing Microsoft Word File - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now you have to upload the Word file. For this purpose click it on "BROWSE" button. Once browse button is selected, the file will get uploaded in an automatic way. After it is uploaded, give a click on "REPAIR" button.

>Repair Microsoft Word File - Select .doc / .docx file

Figure 2: Select .doc / .docx file

Step 3: In order to save repaired file, licensed version of this app needs to be purchased. However, you could preview the file with the help of "Preview" option.

>Microsoft Word File Fixer - Save repaired file

Figure 3: Save repaired file