How to Repair Word DOC File?

DOC file is the older version of the DOCX file format. It is compatible and can be opened using any version of Microsoft Word suit. Hence the file is said to be in Compatibility Mode. It is very convenient to send files via mails in Compatibility Mode as it can be opened on any version of MS Word. Microsoft Word is an advanced and most renowned word processor application which is developed by Microsoft. Word comes as a part of Microsoft Office suit, it also comes as a standalone application. The latest version of Microsoft Word for Windows is 2010 and for Mac is 2011. MS Word saves all the Word documents in .doc file format in earlier versions and .docx file format in 2007 and later versions. MS Word provides enhanced features like hyperlink to a web page, embedding macros, creating designs, spelling and grammar check, etc. Word files are widely used by students for preparing reports for projects, assignments, etc. and various other organizations to store their digital information in order to avoid the complexities of maintaining it on the papers. It offers more secure way to store digital information on your computer. It empowers you to create visually rich documents, brochures, organizational charts, novels, term papers and newsletters with utmost ease. The powerful user interface of the software provides users with the easy way to manipulate the layering of text, pictures, and shapes in a document. Your DOC files are very important as they contain documentation of your work. If your files are used often by you and if you transfer files number of times then there are more chances of your files getting corrupted, in this situation Word File Repair tool helps you in Word DOC file repairing process and also able to mend Word 2007 template. Word File Repair application is a highly effective repair tool, which can repair Word DOC file in a very effective manner.

Factors responsible for corruption of Word DOC file:

Occurrence of errors: There are chances of occurrence of error messages such as “Microsoft Office Word has stopped working”, “Document name or path is invalid” etc. while trying to open the word (.doc, .docx) files. These are due to corruption of word files and resulting in loss of important data. But you can carry out DOC Word file repair process using Word File Repair app. With the help of this repair utility fixing Word DOC file is not at all an uphill task.

Virus Attack: Using macro program in word file made macro virus to hinder it and these viruses overwritten all the files with garbage value, which ends up corruption.

Sudden Shutdown: Many users shut down their systems suddenly, while an application is still running or working on their desktop or shut down due to sudden power failure. This may result in corruption of Word files and you will be unable to view word files. Sometimes system starts reboots suddenly is another reason behind the corruption of files. However using above told repair you can perform Word DOC file repairing in a very easiest manner.

Downloading files: Word file downloaded from online may get broken because of virus attack or error in downloading process. But, one can fix broken Word Doc with the aid of Fix my Word file tool. Browse around the link for additional information.

Among various word repair software, Repair Doc File is one of the most effective tools that can be used for Word DOC file repairing process. This is an amazing software utility that can repair Word documents and resolve major errors that are related with Word file corruption. The application will not only repair Word DOC file but also helps you to repair .docx. Just visit if you want to get additional details about this tool.

This software can be used for fixing Word DOC file created on Microsoft Word 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, and 2013 versions. It is possible to repair corrupt Word document on Windows 7, 8 and other major editions of Windows OS by using this application.

It will fix Word DOC file and recovers text, formatting, charts, tables, hyperlinks, OLE objects etc.

It quickly scans the selected .doc files and repairs them easily. It offers an option to preview the recovered Word files just before actual restoration.

You can even get the free trial edition of the Word repair utility and check out the recovery results of Word files. In case you are really satisfied with the performance of product, you can obtain the licensed edition of the software and save the retrieved Word documents. It is one of the most preffered tools and also can fix error in opening Word 2007 file in an effective manner. If you have recovered lost or deleted DOC file, after recovering due to some unknown fault the recovered DOC file has been corrupted then make use of this powerful application to carry out Word DOC file repairing. For more queries check out this page:

Keep precautionary steps given below:

  • Use antivirus program in your computer to prevent it from virus / malware invasion.
  • Use good power source to avoid sudden power surge and power failure.
  • Maintain a proper backup of your respective entire important Word document, and store it in reliable storage medium.
  • Before connecting any other external drive to your computer, first scan it to avoid virus attack on computer.

Steps to repair Word DOC file:

Step 1: To initiate Word DOC file repairing process download demo version of above described Word file repair utility. If downloading is complete you can launch the tool, by just clicking on the desktop icon. The main window will pop up, once software starts running. You need to click on “BROWSE” button. When you click on browse button, automatically your file will get uploaded. After uploading, click on “REPAIR” button

Word DOC File Repairing - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: When you click on "Repair" button, software will initiate fixing of Word file. By using the option “Preview” option, you will be able to preview the repaired document on a separate window.

Repairing Word DOC File - Repair progress

Figure 2: Repair progress

Step 3: For saving the repaired file in a specified location of your PC, you are required to purchase the licensed version, refer figure 3

Fixing Word File - Save repaired file

Figure 3: Save repaired file