Delete Microsoft Office Temp Files

Temporary (Temp) files are created by system programs as a support to working files. Even Microsoft Office creates temp file of its every working document such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. If the application unexpectedly crashes or terminates, you may still retrieve the temp file of the original document. However, overtime these temporary files take up some amount of hard drive space, which eventually results in slow system performance. Hence, it is advised to clear Microsoft Office Temp files once in a while from your personal computer.

How to clear Microsoft Office Temp Files?

There are several ways to clear Microsoft Office temp files from your desktop or laptop computer, if you plan on manually removing specific temp files. Then, you can navigate to “C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\OfficeFileCache” and delete all the contents in the temporary folder (OR) You can make use of the inbuilt “Disk Cleanup” option provided by Windows operating system to automatically clean up temp files stored on your computer, the procedure to use this utility and remove temp files is explained below:

  • Go to "Start", and then click All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Disk Cleanup.
  • Select whether you want to clean up "My files only" or "Files from all users on this computer" from the Disk Cleanup Options dialogue box
  • Choose the hard disk partition (usually C) you wish to cleanup using Disk Cleanup utility and click “OK”
  • Then, click on "Disk Cleanup" tab and check the boxes next to "Temporary Internet Files" and "Temporary Files." Click "OK" and then press "Delete Files" to confirm the deletion. After which the “Disk Cleanup” application cleans up and remove all unnecessary Microsoft and other temp files from your Windows computer

Disadvantages of using manual method:

However the only disadvantage of using these manual method is that, sometimes Disk Cleanup tool doesn’t effectively remove temp files and you may encounter error such as, “Cannot delete ~WRL0009: It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again." Therefore if you want to delete Microsoft temp files permanently, then you can make use of reliable application that will automate the process for you, these programs easily searches your hard disk for temp files and remove them effortlessly. One amazing Microsoft Office temp file remover is “Remo MORE”.

Remo MORE is an all in application package that helps you in removing Microsoft temp files with ease. The application offers its users many advanced options like “Privacy Cleaner”, “Free Space Wipe” etc which aids users in clearing temporary files in just a matter of minutes. Other than temp files, the tool also effortlessly clears internet temp files, log files, cookies, download history, cache etc. By clearing temporary files from computer, you can save a lot of hard disk free space which in turn boosts up the system performance.

Steps to clear Microsoft Office temp files:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE software in your system and launch it. After launching select "Optimize" option from Main Screen. From the next screen select "Privacy Cleaner" option.

How to Clear Microsoft Office Temp Files - Select Privacy Cleaner

Step2: Select "Clean PC Junk" option from the third screen.

Clearing Microsoft Office Temp Files - Select Clean PC Junk

Step 3: After this you will get a list of temporary files. Select all of them and click on "Scan" button.

Temp Files Clearing on Microsoft Office - Select Scan

Step4: As soon the temp file cleaning process gets over you will a summary of item cleaned, click on "Finish" button to complete the temp file deleting process.

Remove Microsoft Office Temp Files - Select Finish Button